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We can't control negative life experiences but we can control how we react to these issues. Through counselling and being able to talk about it we can process what has happened so that you don't feel overwhelmed when recalling a memory. Clients feedback that counselling helps to give them clarity, helps decision making and that they feel more confident.

Person-centred counselling
I am drawn to person centred counselling as I believe that individuals are the experts within their own experiences. I use the therapeutic qualities of unconditional positive regard, being non judgemental and congruence, providing a safe environment so that clients feel that they can open up and discuss their reactions to the situation.

Alison Elliot

What can I offer?

Alison Elliot Counselling

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I offer Eye Movement Desensitisaton Reactivation to stimulate blocked off processing after trauma. Triggers may stimulate the survival response of flight/fright where clients feel that they are pulled back into the blocked memory of the trauma.
"My sessions over the last 4 months have helped me greatly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work through my issues. Many Thanks. Alison is amazing!"