"I have a better understanding of myself . I'm not so hard on myself and I am able to deal with things, not put them away. I feel I have a better way of going about things." Ann

"Invaluable experience! I'm very grateful for all the expertise, skills and patience in my Supervision. It was very important that I was heard non-judgementally. A big thank you." Pam

"I felt Alison was brilliant to talk to. I would recommend this Supervision to others." Linda

"I would like to say a massive thank you, especially to Alison. I really couldn't have asked for better support." Audrey

"I am more optimistic, find it easier to make decisions and I am self harming less" Miriam

"I really enjoyed coming to see Alison, she listened to me at all the right times and helped me to see situations from a different perspective". Margaret

"I am managing to start eating 3 meals a day without taking laxatives or feeling sick." Sam


"I really appreciate the help and support offered to me by Alison. She has helped me immensely and provided me with coping mechanisms needed to cope in difficult situations." Suzanne

"I am more than satisfied by an unexpected outcome of feeling a kind of comfort from meeting at an intellectual level on my/these issues." David

"Alison was great! I have changed several things for the better because of her. I have started waking up feeling happy. I haven't felt like this in years!" Julie

I felt the counselling was great and Alison continues to do the good work she does." Christine

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